Handmade “Mala” Style Face Mask Holder

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So we all know I love jewelry ? and I’m a little bit crunchy ? Why not make a face mask holder?

supplies to make a face mask holder

Well since Bella Kate has to wear a mask a school at least for a little while and I have a feeling my little food allergy babe’s anxiety might be extra high this year. I’m making her a necklace to hold her mask around her neck (sort of like a glasses chain but connected to your mask ear loops: face mask holder .. is there a real name for this item?). I wanted it to be helpful though, so I decided to make it like a mala, making knots between the beads and praying as I strung them.

My prayer was (is) that she feels safe at school. I pray(ed) that she is not afraid and her feelings of anxiety though they may not be absent are not overwhelming. Once I was done stringing and knotting the beads instead of putting a guru bead and tassel I put lobster claws on each end to hold her mask. I know it’s not a mala. I know there are those of my friends that put a lot of time and energy into making malas with certain intentions and they are amazing. But that’s kind of what I did here. I made her something with intention to wear while she’s at school; ? it’s just a different shape.

I’m using three different beads⁣:
  1. Tiger’s eye: for bravery and grounding⁣
  2. Blue turquoise: for protection and health
  3. ⁣Howlite: for peace and clarity⁣

Now here’s the finished product. I learned so much through this process, from the healing properties of different gemstones to just how therapeutic it would be for me to focus only on threading the bead and tying the knot over and over and the intention behind each bead. I still need some practice getting the knots closer. Daddy tied the lobster claws on the ends with fishing knots ? and it worked perfectly. When this whole mask thing is over she can just wear it like a necklace. What a year. ⁣

homemade mala mask holder

Be sure to leave a comment or shoot me an email if you have questions or if you make yourself or your child this wonderful handmade face mask holder! I’d love to hear about it.



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handmade face mask holder

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