Colugo’s Complete Stroller Is THE #1 Stroller To Grow With: Here’s Why

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perfect stroller from infant to toddler colugo complete stroller

Our first baby registry

This isn’t my first rodeo. Like many first time parents, when we were creating Bella Kate’s baby registry (7 years ago) we were clueless on what we *really* needed and what would be best long-term. I think that’s the key here. Long. Term. We weren’t thinking about which stroller is best. We didn’t even know what qualities would MAKE a stroller best. So naturally we registered for the Stroller/Infant Seat combo and I hated that thing from the second we put it together. I’m not going to go into all of that because really what you hate is not super useful. I can tell you that I sold that stroller at a yard sale and never looked back. We never used it because it was so hard to use.

Now creating baby registries is… well different. You can even use some sites to create registries that include items from multiple shops! What a time to be alive! I hate going into stores… so I’m here for it.

Our current stroller

We were recently given the chance to use The Complete Stroller from Colugo and I want to share with you what we’ve found. (Full disclosure: we were gifted this stroller to review. The opinions below are my own.)

best stroller 2021 stroller review colugo complete stroller

No matter what anyone says… yes, size matters.

It’s a joke… but it’s also serious. I’m sharing the above picture with Nora Dove next to the stroller for reference. It folds up nice and compactly even for a “complete” stroller. When looking for a stroller I urge you to look for one that is NOT huge and cumbersome. They might have great features and might be great for some things, but when it comes down to it, you’re not going to want to take it places if it’s ginormous and hard to use. I’ve found that The Complete Stroller is a happy medium between a small compact stroller and a large super comfy stroller the size of a compact car. It’s easy to open and close and it fits in both our Sienna… AND our Matrix (think Prius sized if you’re not sure what a Matrix looks like).

Flexibility Is Key

The Colugo Complete Stroller has the option to have your seat face backwards facing you OR face forward. It can also lay completely flat for use with an infant and then sit up as your child gets bigger. HUGE. I took a quick video of just how easy it is to flip the seat around!

Nora Dove is very independent now and likes to be facing forward. I love seeing her sweet face when we’re walking, but I don’t think she’ll have it. We can, however, make faces at one another through the mesh in the top canopy so it’s all good.

2021 stroller reviews colugo complete stroller perfect for any age newborn to toddler

I Have Far Too Much Storage Space… Said No One Ever

The bucket in the bottom of this stroller holds 22 lbs. Read it again. It could almost hold my toddler! Not that I would put her down there… Well… Nah. If you’re like me, your husband asks what’s in your bag when he picks it up. {Insert best dad joke about heavy purses} My bag is large and in charge. I’m always prepared with diapers, wipes, clothes changes for both kids, EpiPen’s, Benadryl, rash cream, fresh socks, hair bows, deodorant, spoons, pens, mascara, a blanket, light jackets, lotion, etc etc etc. You get the point 🙂 It’s a Swiss Army bag.

the perfect stroller The Complete Stroller has ample storage underneath

It’s a LARGE bag and you can see that there’s still room for plenty more in front of it in the bottom of this stroller! The important thing to note here, though, is that that added storage space doesn’t add a bunch to the profile of the stroller when it’s folded! More space without taking up more space. YES. It really is the perfect stroller to grow with you and your family.

It’s a Smooth Ride

Have you ever tried to use a stroller that felt like this:

You know the kind. You constantly have to kick the front wheels to adjust them because you can’t turn and FORGET about driving them one-handed. You’re outta luck.

The Colugo Complete Stroller is a smooth ride AND it is easy to maneuver and turn single handed. You know, so you can have your coffee in the other hand. BUT the wheels are still puncture proof. It’s a marvel of modern science and design. As a STEM girl who also loves design, I can appreciate it.

The Colugo complete stroller is smooth and easy to steer. the perfect stroller for babies and toddler alike
I was reaching back to get my phone out of my pocket… not grabbing my own butt.

Life Isn’t Always Perfect, But Your Accessories Can Be

ACCESSORIES! The Complete Stroller came with two extras included.

1) A Rain Cover. Look, it’s the accessory you didn’t know you needed. Trust me. I have an umbrella, but there’s not way it would cover me and Bella Kate walking AND also the stroller. It comes in a little pouch, too, which is super convenient.

The Complete Stroller comes with a rain cover.

2) A cupholder. At first I was confused by the cup holder. I thought it was supposed to be a cupholder for ND and it kept falling off. I really should learn to read instructions completely. {Insert my husband saying he knooooooows} It’s a cupholder for me… you know, for the mass amounts of coffee I’m always consuming. JK I drink water too… sometimes. Aaaaaanyway.

Colugo sells a lot of other super useful accessories on their website! Check out The Cozy paired with The Cozy Mittens that make this stroller perfection for getting fresh air when it’s cold out. The On The Go Organizer is like a fanny pack for your stroller and I personally don’t know ANYONE who doesn’t love a good fanny pack. So…

Fight me.

Extra Features

The sun canopy is UPF 50+. So you don’t have to worry about your little’s skin on sunny walks. My husband had skin cancer so this is something we are VERY conscious of and appreciative that they thought of it.

the perfect stroller from baby to toddler. 2021 stroller review
Just stopping for a smooch.

All of the base layer fabrics are removable and the comfort layer on the seat is **machine washable**. It’s really easy to clean! BONUS: The handles are wrapped in vegan leather. So chic.

the handles on this stroller are covered in vegan leather.

It’s easy to close up! Just press here. Okay it’s not just that. You have to press the Fold button, then pull up on the seat recline adjuster right under it (which you can do with one hand at the same time), and then it will fold closed, but it’s easy. 🙂

Colugo Complete Stroller folds up easy. It's perfect from newborn to toddler

Things I Wish Were Different

While there wasn’t much lacking in this stroller, I do wish the clasp on the harness were a little more straightforward. I LOVE that it’s magnetic, but it took a bit for me to get used to how it goes together. Not a deal breaker, just something that isn’t super intuitive, at least not to me.

harness and straps on the colugo complete stroller with toddler riding

Let’s Review

The Colugo Complete Stroller is not too big even though it isn’t considered a compact stroller. PS they do HAVE a compact stroller that looks to be just as amazing!
The Colugo Complete Stroller is easy to fold and unfold. It’s also easy to switch the seat around.
The Colugo Complete Stroller rides smooth and it’s very easy to turn.
The Colugo Complete Stroller has tons of storage space in the bottom tray/bucket.
The Colugo Complete Stroller comes with a rain cover and cup holder with other useful accessories available for purchase.
And and and and 🙂

Actual image of me checking all of the boxes:

I truly hope you found this helpful and informative, and if there’s anything I can help with please do not hesitate to leave a comment below or shoot me a message! If you did find this useful I would love it if you’d share it with your friends and family or pin it! If you try this stroller I’d LOVE to hear YOUR thoughts on it!!



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