Growing The Pineapple Guava (Feijoa) – Cold-Hardy, Deer Resistant Tropical Fruit

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New Plants – Who’s surprised?!

Did you know you can plant a fruit tree as part of your landscaping? I never considered it until now. Please allow me to introduce you to the Pineapple Guava (Feijoa), a deer resistant tropical fruit tree! I know, I know, it doesn’t make sense. But you can make this pineapple guava tree blend in with about any landscaping design!

pineapple guava cold hardy deer resistant
I got these on Etsy and they were packaged wonderfully and arrived in amazing shape -> Pineapple Guava Plants on Etsy

⁣Josh (husband) has been asking me to find a shrub (or two) to replace the two azaleas that didn’t make it in the front bed (I don’t think they got enough sunlight there) all summer. As in, all summer I bet he’s mentioned it once a week… at least ?. Aaaaaanyway, after reading an article from on Homestead and Chill about the pineapple guava plant I learned a few things.

Pineapple Guava Fast Facts
  • They’re deer resistant. (major plus, you should see how often our security cameras go off because of deer)
  • They’re cold hearty. ⁣
  • They’re evergreen.
  • We may just be barely in the growing region for this plant.

I’m tired of just having plants that only look good. So I thought, what if I planted a shrub-looking plant… that is evergreen … and. Will. Produce. Fruit? I mean what a novel idea, right? ? To use your yard space for sustenance. And then I ordered 2 ✌️ ⁣⁣My beautiful pineapple guava plants came today and I got them into the ground, fed, and watered and even added a little homeschool lesson for the girls on the important work worms do just in time for our Zoom parent-teacher conference. Let’s keep our fingers crossed the deer leave them alone!

pineapple guava cold hardy deer resistant

Here in middle Tennessee we’re in growing zone 7, and the pineapple guava thrives in zones 8-10. However, we don’t have harsh winters and I read about someone in Tennessee that had a thriving plant so I’m going for it! I haven’t had my hands in that dirt in years. Josh has been taking care of the beds for the last few years (because two kids). Both girls can now be semi-trusted to play while I work and it’s more possible than it has been for me to get out there and dig without having to have both eyes on them (one eye worked this time). It felt good. AAAAND the girls got along almost the entire time and listened about staying away from the road and within sight. I kind of feel like it was an alternate dimension. ??


Be sure to leave a comment or shoot me an email if you have questions or if you decide to place some pineapple guava in your yard or beds! They should be safe from deer that cross your property and produce delicious tropical fruit in the late summer/fall! I’d love to hear about it.



Pineapple Guava – Deer Resistant Tropical Fruit
pineapple guava cold hardy deer resistant

cold hearty deer resistant pineapple guava plant yields tropical fruit in colder climates

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